Save your Eyes!

With the rise of technology we are truly in a computer age.

More and more people own cell phones that are pretty much no different than computers at this point – accomplishing many tasks and a valuable element to many business professionals’ lives!

With so many more people on computers, tablets, and smartphones; it is important to note potential health factors and concerns that can arise from prolonged use of these devices.

Blue Light Spectrum

Computer screens and monitors give off “blue light” ends of the light spectrum which happen to be particularly hard on the human eyes.

This is because the human eye has a hard time focusing this end of the light spectrum as opposed to the warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow.

What does that mean for my eyes?

Prolonged eye exposure, aka looking at your monitor screens too long, often give you a headache, right?

That’s because your eyes are working very hard to focus the blue light spectrum images being broadcast to your brain. If you look at a blue LED you’ll notice a small ring around the bulb. That is because our eyes are not calibrated fully to render the light from the blue side of the spectrum as well.

So what happens is our eyes are working harder and harder trying to focus and from staring at monitors all day.

Luckily there is a solution to the headaches and stress on the eyes…

Gunnar Computer Eye Glasses



These guys help solve your eye strain problems by using a clever filter.

What they did is design a glass to specifically filter and adjust the blue light spectrum of color coming out of your monitor, into a warmer color light which then enters your eyes.

These help to ease the work and strain that is put on your eyes by dodging the blue light with an amber colored lens.

Not only that, they also reduce glare which means they are helping your eyes out double time!

Gunnar Glasses have taken the gamer industry by storm as they are really sleek looking designs and really cater to a professional gamer – who tends to spend over 40 hours per week staring at a computer monitor.

Not only gamers can benefit either, any business professional who spends a decent amount of time looking at a computer monitor could really use these and be impressed with the difference in eye fatigue they assist with.

A friend of mine, who owns his own carpet cleaning company ( bought a pair of these for his son who spends a lot of time on his computer… He tried them out one night and gave me an honest recommendation himself too!

Well game on gamers – these Gunnar Optics are here to stay and can help you pull out the late nights with no worries!

If the sun can’t do it, maybe this can!

We had talked before about using Green Energy to charge up your iPhone on a previous blog post.

It was super cool and totally useful.

The only problem with solar powered chargers and devices is two fold:

  1. The sun needs to be out.
  2. It can take quite a while for a full charge.

Maybe this can help

If you find yourself out hiking or camping and need to charge a dead phone…

Try Blue Freedom


Blue Freedom is a unique project started to make use of another green resource… moving water!

Way back when… people used the power of rivers and running natural water to power up lots of things! Villages were built on rivers for this reason!

So why not take advantage ourselves and go a little more green, huh?

Well how does it work?

What this little guy does is use the power of running water. You attach the turbine end to a wire which is attached to the device. While the turbine spins under the current it spools the generator inside the device, and Vualah!

The turbine then will spin and generate, at a much faster rate than solar energy, a great deal of usable power to charge your phone.

Take a look at some specifications:

  • Measures about 8 x 2 inches and weighs in under one pound.
  • Very easily packaged and carried along for a hike or camping.
  • Uses Hydroelectric energy to power up devices.
  • Has a battery installed which will charge using the turbine if no accessories are plugged in while it is working.
  • Built in LED so it can be easily used at night – looking much better versus solar powered gadgets now right?

Now this super cool gadget was created with a kickstarter program which is currently trying to raise more money. So be sure to go check it out and nab yourself one of these bad boys!

I had the privilege of trying one of these out before. I was in the back yard of my friend’s home and he had a fountain installed with some decent running water…

(His whole back yard was actually done very well by a lawn service company found here:

So we tossed the turbine in and gave it a shot!

This thing will vary based on how much water pressure is generated through the current, as well as how consistent the water current is.

So keep in mind that its not always 100% perfect, however when it gets going  it can fully charge an iPhone in anywhere from 1-2 hours. Which is pretty impressive for free green energy!

Energy Super Star

We have fun talking about a lot of gadgets here which is all well and good. Something interesting to dive into is a government program which has been making more progress than ever in making the public aware of energy efficient items and appliances through volunteers called Energy Star.

energy star logo

What’s the Scoop?

Energy Star began in 92′ and covers a wide range of activity from new products, homes, commercial buildings, industrial plans, and much more. Basically there are guidelines set up with certain criteria for efficiency which are set forth and those companies who seek to be green and make a difference will be granted some tax breaks and financial help from the government to encourage businesses, organizations, and people to be more aware of how they consume and to make a positive difference in the world.

All well and good in my eyes!

 What does it mean for you?

Well. A lot actually. Energy Star claims that today, 85% of Americans identify the Energy Star logo and that 75% of consumers claim that the logo plays an important role in there decision on items that can be more energy efficient.

It’s no surprise that when asked the question – would you like to purchase A – which does all the same things as B, yet B is less energy efficient and will cost you slightly more in energy costs every year…

Pretty clear choice that saving money in the form of any way is good things and will be greatly weighed in your choice, right?

This mostly applies to consumers who can purchase a number of different energy efficient items for their homes. Here are just a few:

  • Washer and Dryers
  • Dishwasher
  • Air Purifiers
  • Light Bulbs
  • Refrigerators
  • Air Conditioners
  • Computers
  • TVs
  • Water Heaters
  • and so much more…

There are surely more items you didn’t even know about that can sport the Energy Star logo which leads one to be curious next time they are out shopping for just about anything that uses electricity. A great friend of mine does audio video installations here. He told me about all of his components have an Energy Star equivalent available if you prefer them… Oh we do!

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But… they are all the same color!

Remember growing up and having your parents and family throw down the puzzle box on the table and everyone would all join in and help solve all those colorful pieces… making sure to quickly work on your own little section and show everyone just how impressed they should be with your skills and wit required to achieve such a task?

Well… we all were the best at puzzles and we all felt proud at some puzzle moment in history as completing one seemed so gratifying for the amount of time spent trying to finagle each an every abstract piece to fit perfectly.

In the spirit of all things fun and cool (and economically friendly would help), we discovered a kind of “super” puzzle which we really enjoyed and truly challenges even the most competitive and skilled of us out there.

No it isn’t a giant 25,000 piece puzzle… pfff! Those things are too easy…

Gander at the “Impossible Puzzle”

impossible puzzle

This beauty is made up of 654 high quality, recycled (bonus!), and absolutely crazy puzzle pieces – all expertly and precisely cut to have an extremely close and confident fit.

I mean just look at this bad boy…

Just looking at it finished makes me want to cry if anyone were to mix it up and destroy how wonderful this thing looks.

What we love most about it is the take to create rounded pieces instead of the traditional “square” or “rectangular” resembled shapes.

The circle adds a great deal of complexity, yet also a uniqueness required to grab the attention of potential puzzle goers.

We love different.

This puzzle surely seems difficult for the obvious reasons:

  • Lack of any color distinctions
  • Abstract shapes uncommon to familiar puzzles
  • The use of rounded pieces

But much of our love for this creative piece is due to the ability to think outside the norm for even something as classic and timeless as the puzzle board.

We applaud you “Impossible Puzzle” and look forward to someday conquering you so we can brag and take pictures – then most likely glue it together and mount it on our wall!

The Laser Keyboard

We all love our smart phones and tablets, taking them everywhere we go. With how great technology is nowadays, we have access to the internet and WiFi just about everywhere!

You’d have to be pretty stranded to not have service with all of the coverage the networks have today as well.

Being able to stay connected has caused a large shift in portable electronics which have been doing very well in the markets.

Tablets and larger style smart phones find a great deal of use for the person on-the-go who needs to carry with them a device to get work or pleasure from – while at the same time offering a complete and immersive environment.

The problem many people have with tablets and larger style smart phones is they miss their dear old keyboards.

Keyboards offer the greatest and fastest form of typing and is just flat out comfortable to use versus your thumbs or prodding at your iPad with your pointer fingers…

Introducing – the BlueTooth Wireless Laser (We love Lasers) Keyboard!

laser keyboard


It’s a mean, green… err red, fighting machine!

It looks so cool and works even cooler!

Hows it do that?


It uses infrared lasers to broadcast the light show – recognized as a keyboard – and at the same time has a sensor at the bottom of the device which relays back the distance your fingers “break the plane” so to speak which the device has created so it can record which key you are pressing!

Cool right!??

It uses BlueTooth technology as well so that any device pretty much can be used with it. You just need to remember a few things:

  • You need a flat surface – otherwise it cannot relay the correct position of your fingers
  • You need a surface that isn’t transparent
  • Type slow and deliberate – technology is great but still needs some work to be perfectly precise every time…
  • Be sure to show it off to your friends!

The wireless laser keyboard is a fantastic little edition to the tablet carrying case and can offer you that keyboard you so desperately are wanting without the large clunky piece itself to lug around.

Be sure to pick one of these up if you are super techie – or if you just want to have some fun at night time and show off just how cool you are!

If you do get one, send me some pictures of it in action – here!

Another Charging Device!

So we here at Cool Green Gadgets love when we discover new and interesting ways to use technology. Naturally, right?

We have discovered some great ways to keep your iPhone fully charged in just about any scenario.

  • Charge it with the power of the sun
  • Use hydroelectric power using a running water stream

But there is even yet another green power source unmentioned which can now charge up your portable devices if you happen to be stuck out in the wilderness from backpacking, camping, or even just lost?

Introducing the Prometheus PowerPot 10!

power pot


This crazy looking contraption touches on a different source of captured energy… from heat!

This bad boy is a thermoelectric generator!

What’s that mean?

Well, the pot itself is linked up to a device which stores and transfers the power generated through heat into usable energy.

They’ve come up with a brilliant way to utilize this stored energy – by converting it through a USB port and able to recharge your portal electronic devices!

How cool is that!?

What are the specs?

  • This things comes in at just over 20 ounces in weight
  • Includes: The PowerPot 10 with a lid – a heat resistant cable with USB end which measures 32 inches long – a storage bag
  • The PowerPot 10 is made of aluminium
  • It can hold 1.4 liters of water
  • Will display real time power measurements for accuracy when charging

Basically we love this thing…

What this means is if you’re out camping – you can exhaust a variety of options including this priceless piece which is easily stored and should be with you on every camping, hiking, or backpacking adventure.

The pot itself you can use to boil water or prepare basically anything!

So while you’re using that propane lighter or campfire to cook up some dinner or clean some water – why not hook up your phone while you’re at it to get a double dip on the resources you’re already using! Now that sounds pretty green to me…

Next time you think technology can’t make it out in the wild, think again. This and many other devices have been created to help keep you connected in case of emergencies while out in the wild. Be sure to exercise safety always by having devices such as these handy – just for emergencies.

Be safe and have fun!

All in one

So you go to work each day, put in your time, and head home. Just a normal week… right?


If your work week consists of spending 8 hours in a cubical you need to discover this super cool green gadget. Its called…

Well it does quite have a name but it is a…

USB Fishaquarium

What is a USB Fishaquarium you may ask?

usb fishaquarium

Well imagine at your desk you have a spot where you keep your pens and pencils… maybe a small notepad or sticky note pad… a place where you keep your cell phone which you occasionally check throughout the day even though you shouldn’t be.. you know… the usual cubical things.

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Touch the Skies

Many techies out there love the latest and greatest gadgets – seeing what is offered up by the brilliant minds that be. We here at Cool Green Gadgets love to see really innovative and fun uses of technology into new toys and items.

Remember growing up and playing with the little toy red laser pointers. They sold filters to screw on the ends that would make funny pictures or mesmerizing patterns on the wall.

Your mother would always yell at you for pointing it at your sister’s face… Sorry sis.

They were so much fun. Toy around with the cat and run it all around the house while it tries to catch it. Or just be a flat out pain in the neck by tormenting others who you choose to target with the red dot of doom!

Technology has come a long way since the simple red laser days.


Arctic Laser

This isn’t your childhood laser. Not even close.

This baby is what technology has created, and better yet… made it affordable.

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Out of the Clouds

We are definitely in the digital age. Everything is done on computers, laptops, and more than ever, smart phones.

Remember the days when you’d be your mom to use the actual camera – snap a photo and then flop it around in your hands until it develops?

Those days are long gone, sadly.

Nowadays everyone has thousands of photos they’ve snapped on their smart phones and uploaded to the cloud – never to be seen or enjoyed again. There is something about taking pictures so easily now with our phones that make them so dispensable.

Have you noticed that you were never much into photography as a child, at least this goes for me, a kid growing up in the 90’s. But really, there was something special about photographs back then. You had hard copies of them so you had to deal with things like keeping them from bending or tearing or making sure they were in a proper frame.

They were pieces of memories to view and enjoy scatter around the home or flipped through in large bulky albums.

Now there have been many clever ideas that came up to solve the millions of photos floating around the cloud… companies now can collaborate photo albums for you and ship them to you using all smarty pants technology and sorting algorithms to give you some usefulness and value out of all those pictures you uploaded on facebook.

Here at Cool Green Gadgets – we miss the old days and are super happy to show you this!

The Impossible Instant Lab


What a fitting name for this beauty!

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Charge from Anywhere, Literally! Well kinda…

Got my HTC One – Check

Laptop – Check

Tablet – Check

(I mean how could I survive anywhere without these, right?)

Come to find out you forgot your charger!! Well… that was basically your lifeline juice to all this technology and now you’re rendered useless, stranded, alone… oh the horrors!

Fear not my techie lovers! For there is a new way, an ECO FRIENDLY way to keep those devices full of electrical goodness! It’s a solar panel charger for your devices!!

Take a look:

solar phone chargerThis is the latest and greatest from Wagan Tech! How cool is this – a solar panel that folds up for easy transport where you can actually charge your electronics…

We said the same thing. HOW STINKIN COOL

But why not? We have solar panel technology and plenty of devices to take advantage of it; hell, we have solar panel roofs powering entire homes now – so why not take advantage of this super cool eco-friendly technology to help us with what our generation is attached to – i.e. their electronic devices.

What about reliability?

Okay so we are talking solar panels and so naturally we understand certain limitations;

  1. You need sunlight. This baby won’t help you if you are stranded anywhere between 8 pm and 6 am without enough power in your phone or tablet. You can always keep it in your car for an emergency back up – but there are many variables like time of day as well as weather conditions which may interrupt the effectiveness.
  2. You need to lug it around. Sure we have become used to a carrying case holding our tablets and laptops so this may not be a huge disadvantage – but I cannot ignore the reasonably large padded folder I’ll need to keep handy wherever I may roam (<– great song might I add). So there is debate on how user friendly this device is…I mean they do their best to keep it wrapped up in a small package with very familiar characteristics that closely resemble the laptop and tablet cases, but I can guarantee it will lug some unwanted weight.
  3. Is it worth the coin? This puppy comes in over $100 which makes us think, would it be more beneficial to just buy and store a couple more chargers in some opportune places like your car (maybe your electric car?), work, and in your laptop case? This price tag isn’t terrible considering its longevity potential an eco-friendly benefits, but it does leave one to make some hard comparisons.

It will be determined by the people to see if such a gadget takes seed among the masses but we can confidently say we love this gadget – such a clever way to integrate a fantastic technology that solar panels offer into a very usable and practical solution.

With cell phones, tablets, and laptops going nowhere anytime soon – why not enjoy some delicious free solar energy to keep your toys in top function… and if it’s a cloudy day – just think of Annie

The sun will come out tomorrow!