Modern Times and Modern Rides

Take a look around nowadays…

Electric StationThere are more hybrid and electric cars than ever before! Chances are you’ve probably seen one or two full electric charging stations¬† on highway rest stops already, right?

We are in an age of advancement with brilliant minds seeking alternate fuel methods. This has led our generation to view an unprecedented number of full on plug in electric cars…

did you ever think we’d get here? It’s like super futuristic isn’t it?

These cars run very well and the batteries last long enough for any person’s everyday traveling needs throughout the day. But just how mainstream are these electric cars, could you name any?

It may surprise you to know that all the major players in the auto industry have taken up the electric car as a model that is needed to compete in sales… take a look:

The Chevy Spark. GM manufactured, this puppy gets you 80 miles to a charge. Not crazy impressive by regular car standards… but for just under $27,000 and fully electric I’d say that is pretty fair bargain and very capable vehicle!

The Nissan Leaf. Another major manufacturer producing a pure electric vehicle which is a 5 door hatchback offering commuters who drive under 100 miles per day a fantastic all electric solution.

The Ford Focus Electric. Don’t think Ford would miss out on the shift in technology relating to cars… this bad boy gets the job done with the rest of the competition with a bit larger room to spare inside.

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